Moving to Australia or New Zealand

Moving to Australia or New Zealand Moving to Australia or New Zealand

We’re here to help before you move. Westpac has almost 200 years of experience (way more than any other Australian financial institution) helping migrants and students from all over the world make the journey to a new life in Australia.

With one of the country’s largest ATM and branch networks, leading online and mobile banking platforms, as well as dedicated migrant banking specialists, it couldn’t be more convenient or easier to bank with us in Australia: We can even set up accounts prior to your arrival.

So whether you’re helping a child to settle into university, relocating with your family or establishing business in Australia or New Zealand, we’re better able to help connect you to the right people and opportunities:

Moving to Australia
Moving to New Zealand
Migrant banking advisors in Shanghai and Beijing.

Video series - Start the Journey in Australia

The videos are created to help more Chinese people become familiar with Australia and it's culture.

Nihao Start the Journey in Australia

Episode 1: "Want to find out how amazing studying in Australia is?"

Episode 2: "Melbourne or Sydney? Which is your favourite city?"

Expatriates returning to Australia or New Zealand

Making that transition home as smooth as possible is our combined goal. To this end, your Private Banker can assist with engaging our teams in Australia and New Zealand to not only transfer that trusted ‘relationship’ but provide continuity in products and services that meet your immediate and long-term financial needs.

We can support your offshore banking solutions needs in Asia while you recommence your residence in Australia and New Zealand.