Company overview - Westpac in China

Company Overview - Westpac in China Company Overview - Westpac in China

We’re proud of our rich history of nearly 200 years of banking, including more than 40 years in Asia. 

With our Asian headquarters in Singapore and offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai and Jakarta, our aim is to work seamlessly across countries to meet the evolving needs of customers based in, or doing business, with Asia. 

Combining knowledge of our trusted Australasian operations with Asian insight, the Shanghai and Beijing offices are well placed to deliver on a wide range of innovative financial products and services to business, corporate and institutional customers. Our focus is twofold: Supporting Australian and New Zealand customers with links to China; and Chinese customers with links to Australia and New Zealand. 

Our Shanghai and Beijing offices focus on:

Corporate and institutional client management
International trade 
Foreign exchange
Debt markets.